Organisers praise ‘overwhelming’ quake aid

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THE relief drive for the victims of the Nepal earthquake organised by the lone Nepalese restaurant here will temporarily stop receiving donations starting today as the funds needed to fly the supplies out cannot match the rate of goods pouring in.

“The air freight is currently being solely funded by the restaurant itself and donations by personnel of the British Garrison and their families,” said the manager of the Gurkha Palace Restaurant, who did not give the specific date as to when the relief campaign will resume.

With cargo costing over $2.50 a kilogramme, the supplies collected over the past few days will cost in the region of $20,000 to be flown to Nepal.

Schools, supermarket chains, associations and members of the public poured in donations of blankets, food supplies and medicine after Fitness Zone announced on Thursday that they would be Brunei-Muara's designated collection point for the Gurkha Palace Restaurant's donation drive.

Brunei-Muara has managed to raise over 10,000 items in three days to be sent as relief supplies to Nepal.

“I have no words to express how thankful I am and the Nepalese community to Brunei for such a tremendous show of support in such a short time,” he said.

“We (the restaurant and the garrison) need to focus in making sure these supplies reach those in need in Nepal first before receiving further. We are short on manpower and space, but most of all I cannot continue to accept donations for which I do not have the funds to send,” he added.

Shakya said that he was working with a third party to possibly organise a charity run to raise funds to fly supplies out.

If successful, the Gurkha Palace could reopen donations.

“During my trip down to Bandar last weekend to collect supplies, I met an event organiser who was very passionate in helping those in Nepal. He suggested that we collaborate in organising a charity run,” he said.

Nine trucks were needed on Saturday to transport relief goods of 8,000 blankets, 250 boxes of medicines, 50 tents and close to a thousand food items collected in Brunei-Muara to the British Garrison in Seria.

The Brunei Times