Mumong family homeless after house collapses

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A HOUSE with a family of six in Kg Mumong collapsed shortly after dawn yesterday when stilts supporting it gave way.

Musa Zainal, 42, who has been renting the small house located in the backyard of his landlord on Simpang 7 since 2012, said that he felt small tremors beginning earlier this week. His in-laws, after visiting last Monday, noticed that the house had begun to tilt to one side.

“I heard a very loud bang when the house collapsed to one side around 5.30am, waking my whole family up,” said Musa, who works as a rigger for Megalift Sdn Bhd.

“I immediately broke the window to get all of us out safely, and thankfully none of us were injured.”

Musa and his in-laws yesterday speculated that the tremors could be the result of an ongoing seismic survey, of which the landlord said he was informed of.

The Belait District Office immediately responded by temporarily placing Musa and his family at the Youth Centre in Belait by yesterday afternoon.

According to the District Office, the family of five will be given the keys to government barrack housing in Kuala Belait shortly.

Expressing his gratitude to the authorities for responding quickly, Musa said: “I am very thankful to the authorities for supporting me in this difficult time.

“Hopefully my family will be able to find a place to call home soon.”

The Brunei Times