MinDef officer embraces Islam

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TWENTY-SIX-YEAR-OLD Ministry of Defence (MinDef) officer, Sld Hadi Ashley Peranchis, completed his conversion to Islam yesterday. 

Sld Hadi Ashley, who is now known as Sld Muhd A’isy Qaiser Abdullah Peranchis yesterday took an oath declaring his faith in the oneness of Allah (SWT) and recited the syahadah (declaration of faith) under the guidance of the Islamic Da’awah Centre officer in the Tutong District.

The conversion took place at Jalan Tasek Merimbun in Tutong, in which the Royal Brunei Armed Forces (RBAF) commander, Pehin Datu Pekerma Jaya Major General Dato Paduka Seri Mohd Tawih Abdullah was also present.

Accompanying the commander at the ceremony was the Telesai village head, RBAF officers and Muhd A’isy Qaiser’s family members.

The ceremony began with the recital of Al-Quran verses, followed by the declaration of faith by Sld Muhd A’isy Qaiser.

After the completion of the declaration, the Dikir Marhaban was then performed.

The ceremony then concluded with the Commander of RBAF presenting a gift to Muhd A’isy Qaiser in commemoration of his conversion.

The Brunei Times