Incident Command Post for Belait forest fires deactivated

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FOREST fires in Belait have come to an end, with the Incident Command Post (ICP) set up a long the Seria-Mumong Bypass to combat the fires ordered to stand down last Sunday.

The Belait District Disaster Management Committee (DDMC) in a press statement issued on Thursday announced that the District Emergency Operation Centre which was established with the ICP on March 24 would also stand down.

According to the statement the peat fires have ended “thanks to the recent and occasional rainfall which helped to put out the fires”.

Fire prone areas will continue to be monitored by the Belait ‘B’ Command Operation Branch of the Fire and Rescue Department.

Belait’s DDMC thanked the road users for their patience, after the Seria-Mumong Bypass was closed on March 22 and reopened later on April 5.

The area was first closed when forest fires were spreading rapidly and firefighters needed to operate unhindered.

The centre also expressed its gratitude to the Public Works Department, the Royal Brunei Armed Forces, the Royal Brunei Police Force, the Department of Environment, Parks and Recreation (JASTRe), the Department of Health Services, the Department of Medical Services, the Meteorological Department, the Forestry Services, the Survey Department, the Department of Schools, Radio Television Brunei, the Belait Religious Department, the Information Department, Brunei Shell Petroleum Fire Station, the BSP Incident Management Team and the National Disaster Management Centre for their support in containing the fires.

The Brunei Times