Good families make good society

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IMAMS across the country stressed the importance of the family institution yesterday, saying it was important to instil righteous beliefs and morals in children from a young age.

In conjunction with festivities for National Family Day this weekend, the Friday sermon focused on elements required to raise a happy and pious family.

“A happy family is defined as one which is formed from a legitimate marriage, capable of meeting the spiritual and material needs of everyday living, professing total submission to Allah SWT, and fostering balanced and compatible relationships among the family members and society.”

The sermon highlighted several elements needed to raise a happy family, namely, through offering supplication, providing good education, instilling good beliefs in children, studying the syariat (teachings) of Islam, and focusing on akhlak (high moral conduct).

“Only through a solid _akidah _can we secure happiness and excellence of human life on this earth and the Hereafter. Children equipped with strong _akidah _are not inclined to manipulate others nor are they themselves easily manipulated.”

Imams added that children should also be taught the value of ibadah (worship) and parents should ensure they fulfil obligatory five daily prayers.

“Parents are given the responsibility to see that the ibadah of their children is correct and complete.”

Touching on akhlak, imams said in the age of the Internet, the society is particularly vulnerable to negative influences.

“The significance of Internet in our lives today is inescapable. It is through the Internet that we are exposed to the world of fashion, way of speaking, manner of interaction, lifestyle and many more.

All these have a deep impact on our minds, particularly to youngsters who are greatly susceptible to the effects of the latest technology.

“In this respect, parents have a role to play in educating their children that any form of knowledge retrieved from the Internet must never contradict the teachings of Islam and our culture.”

The sermon also urged families to do “whatever is necessary” to strengthen family bonds, as long as the deeds are not in opposition to the teachings of Islam.

“It is really beautiful to dream of having one’s own happy family.

But take note that such dreams would remain just dreams, without the necessary effort and hard work… Do not allow our preoccupation with other things to neglect the needs of our family.

“Also bear in mind that happiness is not synonymous to provision of basic essentials of food, shelter and money alone; it in fact encompasses feelings of love, mutual respect, care and others.”

The Brunei Times