Dusun community celebrates Adau Gayoh

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THE Dusun Community Pakatan Sang Jati (PSJD) of Bukit Udal in Tutong yesterday celebrated the Adau Gayoh festival with the launching of its Tamu Muhibah (day market) which takes place at the compound of the association’s new building.

Adau Gayoh marks the end of the rice harvesting season and is symbolic of the Dusun community’s gratitude for good harvest.

In his opening speech, the president of PSJD who was also chairman of the event, Chominah Sidin, said the celebration’s theme was “nation supporting generation” (generasi pendukung bangsa).

Residents of Bukit Udal flocked to the PSJD community hall to participate in the celebration and witness traditional music and cultural performances.

“As per tradition, during Adau Gayoh, people visit houses of friends and relatives to celebrate the occasion with one another regardless of status,” said Chominah.

He also thanked everyone for giving their time and assistance in making the event a success.

In attendance at the event as the guest of honour was the Acting Chairman of the Tutong Municipal Board, Shahminan Hj Tengah.

“Since the establishment of the association 50 years ago, no major activity was taken up (by PSJD). However, it's good to know that a garage has been set up specially for the tamu (market),” he said in his opening remarks.

The acting chairman was invited to taste traditional Dusun delicacies that were served on puun (tiered tray) such as penyaram, nubor lopot, kelupis and bananas.

Later, the community youth and elderly entertained guests and visitors by performing ‘Anchayau’ (victory songs for warriors), ‘_mengalai’ and ‘bakukui’._

The Brunei Times