Women converts told to deepen Islamic knowledge

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NEW women Muslim converts were urged to enroll and seek further guidance at the Islamic Da’wah Centre (PDI) to further deepen their Islamic understanding during the closing ceremony of the 90th Basic Guidance Scheme yesterday.

The two-week guidance programme is a course where new converts are taught to perform their daily duties as a Muslim and enhance their Al-Quran knowledge.

Speaking to some 23 female converts who received certificates for completing the scheme yesterday, Ustazah Hjh Siti Rahmah Hj Julaihi, Head of Conversion and Guidance for New Converts Unit at the centre, said the participants must continue seeking religious knowledge and to spread beneficial learnings to others.

“Do not just stop here, there is so much more to be learnt to further strengthen your Islamic faith and to learn the true beauty of the Islam religion,” she said.

Ustazah Hjh Siti Rahmah went on to say that there is “no excuse” for new converts not to participate in programmes seeking to further enhance Islamic faith, as there are weekly classes held every Friday and Sunday in all four districts.

In an interview with The Brunei Times, Nur Fauzana Adriana, who embraced Islam in 2013, said that it is never too late to receive guidance and learn Islam.

“Ever since I was young, I was always encouraged to attend Ugama (Islamic religious studies) school and ever since that point in my life, it has opened up my heart to convert to be a Muslim,” she explained.

Nur Fauzana Adriana, who is also the head of the 90th Basic Guidance Scheme, said that the conversion has “lightened” up her life and has brought her inner peace.

“I feel like a better person now and I have never felt so happy and light, it’s definitely a fresh feeling,” she said.

Another convert, Nur Syifa Syarafana Ibrahim, a local Iban woman, said she is the seventh out of eight family members who has successfully embraced Islam.

The 19-year-old said the two-week basic guidance course helped increase her Islamic history knowledge and also gave her a deeper knowledge of the religion.

She also advised other Muslims to join the basic guidance scheme as she believes the interactive aspect between instructors and participants adds value to learning, as opposed to self-study.

Phase two of the guidance course will be held on August 6 for men and August 20 for women.

-Izzati Jalil

The Brunei Times