MCYS sustains promotion of Bruneian tradition

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THE Ministry of Culture, Youth and Sports (MCYS) remains steadfast in its efforts to promote and preserve Brunei’s tradition and culture by showcasing its uniqueness.

MCYS continued its programme to promote and preserve the Bruneian culture on Monday at the Danao Primary School in Tutong.

A press statement from the ministry said that the programme was a continuation of the annual cultural project organised by the agency. The programme is aimed at providing cultural exposure and knowledge through performances to provide awareness in preserving cultural heritage and the love for it.

The statement added that the programme also seeks to make culture and the arts as a means to reach out to the community, to encourage the youth to be more active in cultural performances, and to support the country’s creative industry. The programme was headed by Shahminan Hj Mohd Yassin, Head Coach of Arts at the MCYS. The format of the tour includes showcasing of performances, exhibition and workshop, and targets schools, government agencies and private organisations.

The Brunei Times