Quranic generation vital to dispel misconceptions on Islam

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HIS Royal Highness Crown Prince Hj Al-Muhtadee Billah, the Senior Minister at the Prime Minister’s Office, last night called for the development of a “Quranic generation” to dispel global misconceptions about Islam.

In his sabda during the opening of National Musabaqah Al-Quran Competition for Adults, HRH said a generation that learned teachings in the Quran is needed to bring forth the truth about Islam.

A Quranic generation would produce role models for others around the world. “In my opinion, the development of a Quranic generation that is firm in their faith begins within themselves. A true believer has to strive in building their character to become one that is knowledgeable and skilled,” said the Crown Prince.

“This effort has to be included with a will to build a generation that is able to preserve the peace and harmony of our country on the principle that we are a blessed Muslim community. From here, we can begin to produce a generation as future leaders for families, friends, neighbours and society that can ensure our country will maintain its peace,” he added.

However, HRH said that such a generation would have to be equipped with three core values, including remembering Allah SWT in every way possible to prevent evil and godlessness.

They must reflect upon themselves in achieving insan kamil or strive in their journey and way of life that is impeccable. “Lastly, they are not to solely surrender to their fate but resolve to improve themselves for the better good,” HRH said.

“With such a basis, the Quranic generation that we desire will have a spiritual relationship with Allah SWT through a deep understand-ing of their role in life and society along with the ummah.”

He said an open mind is also required of such a generation, especially in researching, evaluating and disseminating the knowledge found in the Quran.

“It is hoped that the generation can produce great ideas that are fitting with syariat that can be highlighted and utilised, especially towards the self-development of the people and country that we hope for,” he added.

Also present at the annual Quran competition was His Royal Highness Prince ‘Abdul Malik.

A total of 12 competitors, including two defending champions, made the finals that began last night. The remaining eight competitors are expected to perform in the next two nights at the International Convention Centre.

The Brunei Times