Man gets two months jail for stealing step-brother’s belongings

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A MAN who stole his step-brother’s belongings and used the proceeds to buy food and to pay his debts was sentenced yesterday to serve two months in jail for the theft offence.

The defendant Muhamad Amaluddin Khalid, 21, was living at his step-brother’s Kg Mentiri Terrace Housing when he kicked down his step-brother’s bedroom door open to steal the items inside some time in March. During that time, the defendant’s step-brother was staying at a rented house in Kg Perpindahan Lambak.

Among the items Muhamad Amaluddin stole included a washing machine, a drill, a DVD player, a disc tape player, an Astro receiver, a printer, an equaliser and a Sony Playstation 2 videogame console. The items were estimated to be worth $537.

The defendant sold the items through the social network and used the proceeds to buy food and pay off his debts.

The complainant only lodged a report on April 10 when he went back to his house in Kg Perpindahan Mentiri and discovered that some of his belongings were missing from his bedroom. Only two of the items were recovered in the defendant’s living room.

During the proceedings yesterday, Muhamad Amaluddin, who has no previous convictions, has been ordered to serve the jail term with effect from the date of first remand.

The Brunei Times