IWC invites more Bruneian women

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THE president of the International Women’s Club (IWC) yesterday called for a more active participation from local young women to introduce Bruneian culture to foreign members.

Ungku Datin Hjh Fanzah told The Brunei Times that despite having more than a hundred members, IWC is still seeking for more participation from Bruneian women and to join the association to further enhance the relationship with other women of different nationalities.

“It would be lovely to have more locals participating in IWC as this gives the other foreign members the opportunity to get to know more about Brunei’s culture. This will also encourage members to support new members who have just settled in Brunei,” said the IWC president.

She went on to say that some people may think the women’s club is only for the wives of diplomats or for foreigners, which may result in locals not joining.

“Sometimes people misunderstood. It is actually open to the public whether you are young or senior woman. We have no age limit,” she explained.

Ungku Datin Hjh Fanzah said that some years ago, young women were more active and flexible with time as most of them were stay-at-home mothers, while the women today are more goal and career-oriented.

“Years ago we had a lot of young people who were very active, nowadays the youngsters have other commitments whether it is work or family. That’s why now, in IWC, we are trying to find ways to attract young locals to join in,” she said.

“We’ve held many fun activities in the past to encourage the younger ones to join in, such as singing and dancing,” the IWC president continued.

She also said that some may think the association is for the elderly, which may result in the lack of interest from the local youth.

The women’s council, comprising of more than a hundred members of housewives and career women, works as a team with a vision to promote the development of social, charitable and cultural activities, while fostering friendship among its members both from the local and expatriate communities.

Ungku Datin Hjh Fanzah said as a woman, it is important to manage time and keep ahead with schedule, especially when it comes to personal life and career success.

“I am both an entrepreneur and a mother, so we women are constantly juggling our priorities. I have grandchildren to take care of and I am also a restaurant owner, so it’s all about prioritising what matters to you the most. There is no such thing as not having time,” she said.

The Brunei Times