Youths reminded to stay close to Islam

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A YOUTH workshop teaching participants the proper methods for performing prayers and improving Al-Quran reading yesterday reminded youths to remain close to the institution of the mosque, and to always put into daily practice religious knowledge.

Addressing some 100 participants, mainly students from schools and higher learning institutions from the district, the Head of Imarah Department, Mosque Affairs, Ministry of Religious Affairs, Hj Juflee Hj Mega, said that such events aimed to produce a generation of youth that were familiar with the finer details of reading Al-Quran and that were able to perform prayers perfectly and whole-heartedly (khusyuk).

“The involvement of youth in useful activities is certain to prevent them from being involved with activities that are of no benefit to them and immoral,” said Hj Juflee. He said that the workshop would also contribute to longer-term goals of making the mosque a centre of learning and education for youths, and that youths would continue to look to the mosque for knowledge.

Youth participant Mohd Mazzarol Nizan Mazrizal, a student at the Jefri Bolkiah Engineering College, told The Brunei Times that the most important advice for Muslim youth to improve their religious rituals was to put into daily practice any new knowledge gained from activities such as the workshop. “Many youths still have weaknesses in their readings of Al-Quran and also in the particular movements when performing the daily prayers... the best way to improve is to practise what we learn from here regularly so we don’t forget and habitualise the improvements,” said Mohd Mazzarol. The workshop was the first such collaboration of the Ministry’s Imarah Department with the Kg Pandan Mosque takmir (mosque affairs) committee.

The Brunei Times