Hone oratory skills, students told

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STUDENTS yesterday were urged to hone their public speaking skills that will help them in their further studies and future career.

Hj Suhaili Hj Jumat, a Meragang Sixth Form Centre (PTEM) teacher, gave pointers to capture the audience’s attention.

“It would be good if the students reduced using their script, that way the audience will be more intrigued and interested to listen to what they say,” Hj Suhaili said in interview on the sidelines of the annual National Malay Oratory Competition for Secondary Schools and Colleges at Sekolah Tinggi Perempuan Raja Isteri (STPRI).

Hj Suhaili, who was a judge at the contest, suggested students consider applying humour throughout a speech to attract the audience’s attention and also for their enjoyment.

“Students have been taught on writing the speech based on their topics, but they haven’t been fully taught on the techniques,” he said. Hj Suhaili said the students must be taught of the techniques because it will make their speech more presentable and interesting.

“They need to be confident and should have a deep understanding of the topic, which means they have to prepare themselves early to ensure they become more comfortable of speaking in front of people for the future,” he said.

“When you have the skills and confidence, it will benefit you for everything, whether for school or work,” he added.

Department of Co-Curriculum Education Director Pg Suhaimi Pg Hj Bakar, and Acting Assistant Director of Co-Curriculum Education Roslin Suhailee, said in an interview that the teachings of the techniques would be taken into consideration.

“We will take note of that because it will be good for them (the students) to learn those techniques to improve their communication skills,” Roslin Suhailee said.

“They are only Year Eight students, yet they already have good speaking skills, which is good because it is important to have these skills,” Pg Suhaimi added.

Mohd Zahidi Rosdy, a Year Eight Pehin Datu Seri Maharaja Secondary School student won the male category of the competition.

The winner said he would apply the suggested techniques to further improve his skills. “After Hj Suhaili Hj Jumat’s speech, I want to use them to make sure the audience is interested in my speech and my future school presentations,” he said.

Siti Sakinah Mahari, a Year Eight Perdana Wazir Secondary School studennt who topped the female category, said she plans to build her confidence further. “I will need to improve my confidence when it comes to my public speaking skills because it will help in further developing my communication.”.

The national competition, held by the Department of Co-Curriculum Education, aims to foster the love for the country, Islam and the king.

Furthermore, it ia aimed to build students’ confidence in public speaking. Eight finalists, four for both categories, competed for the honours this year.

The Brunei Times