China to lure more Brunei students

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THE Chinese embassy plans to conduct an awareness campaign to attract more Bruneians to apply for scholarships at China’s higher education institutions.

In a recent interview, Chinese Ambassador to Brunei Yang Jian said China’s government has been offering scholarships to Bruneian students, but not many applications were received.

She noted that Bruneian students may not be familiar with China, compared to Britain and Australia.

“This is why I feel we need more connections and understanding to create more awareness. Language could also be a barrier. Although we have some programmes that are taught in English, this cannot be compared with England and Australia,” she said.

Yang added that they are also thinking of exchange programmes between Universiti Brunei Darussalam (UBD) and Chinese universities. “We see many opportunities in this regard, and we would also like to have Bruneians know more about China. So we are planning to invite Bruneians to visit China soon.”

The Brunei Times