Fisheries department leads joint operation at Pengkalan Sibabau

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THE Department of Fisheries yesterday led a joint operation at the Pengkalan Sibabau boat landing site to inspect fishing vessels and activities in the Brunei waters.

The operation, dubbed ‘Ops Kembura 2015’, saw the involvement of 22 personnel from the Department of Fisheries, the Labour Department, Marine Department and the Marine Police.

In a statement issued by the Royal Brunei Police Force (RBPF), the joint operation ran for three hours.

The statement said that Ops Kembura 2015 was aimed at catching offenders related to licenses, registration and the usage of vessels.

It was also aimed as a proactive measure to prevent criminal activities that take place in Brunei waters, including the misappropriation of working passes and the usage of explosives for fishing.

Members of the public are reminded to adhere to the laws and regulations set by the Marine Department and the Fisheries Department, especially those relating to registrations and boat licenses.

The agencies also sought the cooperation by the public to report any crimes in the local waters.

The Brunei Times