UNISSA students share research proposals with Malaysian peers

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UNIVERSITY students were advised to equip themselves with knowledge on research methods before they conduct studies.

Professor Dr Zainab Ismail, deputy dean of Students and International Relations at Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia’s (UKM) Faculty of Islamic Studies, said all university students must have good knowledge of research methods to be able to produce high quality research.

Professor Zainab Ismail was in the country as one of the assessors of the 22 working papers presented by Universiti Sultan Sharif Ali (UNISSA) and UKM students during an international colloquium on Islamic Knowledge Heritage.

“From the presentations, we can see that UNISSA’s students have moved forward in terms of research,” she said on the sidelines of the colloquim.

“They already have the knowledge on how to write good articles and conduct good research. However, they are yet to be exposed to such colloquiums,” she added.

Professor Zainab added that research is a scientific and systematic process.

“We need to know the proper way of conducting research and we need to learn about statistics. If the researcher is able to convey the ideas and information in writing and the research is published, then we know that the research is of quality,” she said.

However, she added that there were many reasons for a particular research to be rejected.

“The research may be rejected due to technical reasons, such as not following the set format,” she added.

In another interview, Dr Zuliza Mohd Kusrin, lecturer at UKM’s Department of Syariah, said the colloquium provides an opportunity for students to share their research and gain feedback from the evaluators.

“Through the colloquium that we organised at UKM, we can see the improvements among the students. We can see the positive impact, so we want to share the knowledge with other universities,” said Dr Zuliza.

Twenty-two postgraduate students from UNISSA and UKM presented their research proposals at the first colloquium to be held in Brunei between the two institutions.

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