KB weekend night market seeks rejuvenation

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THE Kuala Belait weekend night market is set to reclaim its place as one of the liveliest evening spots in town, with food vendors snapping up limited stall spaces at the premises, which is currently undergoing refurbishment.

In a statement from the Kuala Belait and Seria Municipal Council, it said that 38 spots would be made available for the weekend night market, located on the ground floor of the market building on Jln Mckerron. To date, 75 per cent of the spaces have been reserved, with full capacity expected in May.

The market, which operates from evening to late night on Friday, Saturday and Sunday, began operations from September 24, 2011, when it was relocated from the taxi terminal just about 200m down the road.

Recent weeks have already seen an increase in volume in visitors, when the Municipal Council began refurbishments, with the attractive paintwork on the exterior attracting new visitors.

The Brunei Times caught up with workers from Bustermite Pest Control late yesterday, who were one of the contractors tasked with refurbishment works. According to the work supervisor, who asked to be named only as “Jess”, one of the major works would be to replace the wooden beams on the roofing and walls of both floors of the building.

“Some of the beams had already fallen off when we started and we have also removed the ones that are too heavily infested with termites. Once our work is completed, the new woodwork should also be termite-proof,” said Jess.

The night market sells all types of local food and delicacies common to Brunei, such as nasi katok, soto, burgers, fritters and barbecued meats.

The Municipal Council has said that the refurbishment aims to meet the demands of the public in terms of variety, while also supporting the push for local entrepreneurship through the provision of “suitable, conducive and affordable business premises”.

Other improvements will see bright lights and attractive signage installed at the location.

It is part of a wider scheme to beautify the city under a district-wide cleanliness campaign launched in December 2014.

The Brunei Times