Foreign media impressed with royal spectacle

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FOREIGN media were left with lasting impressions after witnessing the royal wedding between His Royal Highness Prince ‘Abdul Malik and YAM Pengiran Anak Isteri Pengiran Raabi’atul ‘Adawiyyah in the capital.

The eight-day royal affair has attracted the interest and attention of foreign media from Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore and even Germany.

Speaking to The Brunei Times, “I don’t think there is any other Asean country that has attracted so much attention as Brunei. There is something unique about Brunei,” said the journalist from Thailand.

Tossapol Chaisamritpol, who is in the sultanate to cover the wedding said it was his first time to witness such precious, lavish ceremony with a lot of royal members and foreign dignitaries under one roof.

“I have never been to a ceremony where people are dressed so well and are respectful. Not everyone is invited to the palace, so to see everyone uniformed in one colour and behave gracefully is something new to me,” said the Spring News reporter.

Chaisamritpol went on to say that the wedding was very different from the other oversea events he has previously covered, noting the colourful garments the royal couple was sporting on their wedding day.

“It’s very different because back in Thailand, couples would be dressed in all white on their wedding day but from what I’ve seen at the wedding, the royal couple wore the colour gold. I like it, it’s beautiful,” the Thai national said.

The journalist added that he admires the custom and culture in Brunei, stating that Brunei and Thailand has a few things in common when it comes to traditions.

“My people hold our traditions and culture very close to our heart, I can also see that just from observing the people here in Brunei. I can feel that Bruneians love their Sultan and respect the traditions from years and years,” he added.

Meanwhile, Weena Chongprasith, another journalist from Thailand said she never had the chance to see her country’s king in close-up during ceremonies unlike in the Sultanate where the people have seen the monarch often.

“We were fortunate to go in and see the royals gracing the event,” said Chongprasith.

The reporter from Thailand went on to say that her first impression of the royal event exceeded her expectations as she did not expect a lot of traditional events to take place.

“The Gendang Jaga-Jaga was particularly interesting, we really enjoyed that but in terms of security, we feel that it is quite strict for reporters like us to be able to roam around and cover the event so perhaps next time relevant authorities can allocate us a media room,” she suggested.

“We had no idea there was going to be a dress-code for the wedding but thank god we managed to get the proper coloured garments to wear on the wedding,” added Chongprasith.

An Indonesian photo-journalist who wishes to be called Arman said coming from a richly cultured country, Brunei is by-far the most traditional yet modern country he has ever been to.

“Like my countrymen too, we value our culture and traditions as much as the people in Brunei do but I notice that the attendees here are more calm and hesitant to clap their hands or cheer to the royal couple,” said the Indonesian national.

The Brunei Times