Tourists prefer Internet access over call cards

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INTERNET access appeared to remain the priority for tourists upon their arrival in the country when it comes to communication needs.

This was revealed by DST sales assistants Tony and Syazwan, who were spotted manning the newly-opened DST kiosk at the Brunei International Airport yesterday.

It was previously reported that the new DST kiosk allows travellers to get immediate access to the telco’s products and services.

In the past, travellers would have to visit the nearest shopping complex to get a SIM card (and subsequent Internet access on their phones), following their arrival at the airport.

The sales assistants told The Brunei Times that DST’s $30 GoBroadband Prepaid starter packs - which allow users to access the Internet solely on their phones - had been the popular choice among tourists who have visited the DST kiosk so far since its opening.

DST opened the kiosk last Thursday.

While the GoBroadband starter packs do not allow users to make calls or send SMS, tourists still prefer it over other starter packs offered by DST, including the $15 Easi Transit Mobile Prepaid Sim pack, the sales assistants said.

The $30 GoBroadband Prepaid starter packs come preloaded with $10 worth of credit (which last up to 15 days), with Internet usage charges at five cents per megabyte (MB).

On the other hand, the $15 Easi Transit Mobile Prepaid Sim pack charges 20 cents for every MB used.

“Tourists definitely seem to prefer the GoBroadband starter pack because they need Internet access first and foremost, and don’t really need to make calls or send SMS,” Tony explained.

But Tony mentioned that the $15 Easi Transit Mobile Prepaid Sim pack is also popular among tourists visiting the country for the short haul or about three to four days only.

Travellers have previously lamented the unavailability of free WiFi access at the Brunei airport, calling it “inconvenient”.

However, in a letter last month, Acting Director of Civil Aviation Mohammad Nazri Mohammad Yusof said that the airport has been providing free WiFi access to passengers at the Departure Transit Hall since December last year.

“With the phased completion of the Arrival and Departure Halls, we will introduce and extend this service to these areas in phases for the benefit and comfort of all travellers as well as the public, in the months to come,” he said.

The Brunei Times