Parents reminded not to allow children skip class, school

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IMAMS reminded parents on the importance of school attendance and the adverse effects of allowing schoolchildren to be absent from classes.

The Friday sermon yesterday warned parents and guardians against being ignorant on the importance of school attendance.

Missing school classes will adversely affect the educational performance of their children, the sermon said.

“There are parents who do not send their children to school after school tests or examinations have ended,” said imams.

“There are also parents who take their children for holiday too early, two or three days prior the start of the school holidays.”

Imams reminded parents that children must attend school eventhough their examinations have already ended. Being absent, the imams said, would affect the school attendance rate.

The Ministry of Education and the Ministry of Religious Affairs have introduced initiatives such as the enforcement of the Compulsory Education Act 2007 and Compulsory Religious Education Order 2012, to ensure students attend school as well as obtain religious education.

Imams said yesterday that among efforts undertaken by the government in ensuring children attend school include providing hostel accommodations and transportations for pupils as early as Year Six.

“In addition, transportation services are available for students who have been identified to attend additional classes outside schooling hours,” added the Imams.

Education is a key role in develping the human resource pool of a country. The sermon added that the pursuit of a harmonious nation also relies mainly on education.

Parents, who shoulder the responsibility of nurturing and educating their children, play an important role in shaping the society.

In line with the Brunei Vision 2035, imams reminded parents to play their part by sending their children to school and ensure their children do not miss classes in order to obtain effective learning at school.

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