‘Integrate Malay into modern tech’

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THE integration of Malay language into today’s technology can help uphold its recognition in the international level, said representatives of the Brunei Darussalam-Indonesia-Malaysia Language Council (MABBIM) yesterday.

Chairman of MABBIM Malaysia Datuk Dr Hj Awang Sariyan told The Brunei Times that one of the challenges facing the Malay language is the exposure of Internet users to English.

He explained that Malay translations of popular websites can promote and acclimatise the users to the Malay language.

He said this on the sidelines of the 54th Executive Session of MABBIM at the Rizqun International Hotel organised by the Language and Literature Bureau (DBP).

Datuk Dr Hj Awang also touched on the need to transform and update teaching and learning methods at schools.

“If you ask students to read history textbooks, they might read it but not enjoy it. You need to use technology to transform education into something that caters to the interest of our young generation such as via animation with audio and cinematography,” he said.

Datuk Dr Hj Awang spoke of Upin & Ipin as an example of Malaysia’s effort in integrating Malay language regionally.

According to a report by The Malaysian Insider, the second season of Upin & Ipin was watched by 1.5 million viewers on TV9 Malaysia in 2008. The franchise was widely known in both Malaysia and Indonesia as the two countries share linguistic and cultural similarities.

Meanwhile, Chairman of MABBIM Indonesia Prof Dr Mahsun Manjak Malarangang said that Brunei should cooperate with countries that have the commitment in promoting the use of Malay.

He said Brunei and the rest of MABBIM countries should have a strong platform in standardising the Malay language through education.

In Indonesia, there is a government body responsible for translating foreign languages on the Internet into Malay/ Indonesian language, said Prof Dr Mahsun.

“Of course, Brunei needs to cooperate with other countries because of their limited human resources as such integration process requires a lot of time,” he added.

DBP Director Hjh Aminah Hj Momin said that the objective of the two-day executive seminar was to discuss the upholding of the Malay language in the three countries – Brunei, Malaysia and Indonesia.

Hjh Aminah explained that the seminar comprises four committees – the Terminology Committee, Research Committee, Development Committee and Publishing Committee – who have their own experts who will lead discussions on how to implement the integration process.

“One example is the terminology committee. There will be experts from the three countries in the committee and they are in charge of planning the terminology and the dictionary. Word such as ‘Teknologi’ is known in the ASEAN region. This would be synced into a new dictionary,” she said.

The closing of the annual seminar will be held today at the same venue.

The Brunei Times