Creative industries can boost Brunei

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BRUNEI’S youth were urged to pursue careers in the creative industry to assist in developing the Sultanate’s industries and economy through their skills and knowledge on fine art.

President of Universiti Brunei Darussalam (UBD) Guild Alumni Association Muhd Nuriskandar Md Hasnan told The Brunei Times during yesterday’s opening of the Spectacle 2015 Art and Design Graduation Show at UBD’s Chancellor Hall that the creative industry is highly needed to help develop the nation.

“Brunei, especially the new generation, needs the creative industry. (This) is why I hope our art students will be ready to decide their future once they graduate... to either start their own business or further their education,” he said.

“It will be great for the students to pursue their own creative businesses but they must be prepared if things do not work out as planned,” he said.

Muhd Nuriskandar advised the youth to pursue careers in the creative industry. He cited architecture and engineering, among others, as examples.

“The young generation needs to step back from relying on the oil and gas industries. (This is) why they should try becoming entrepreneurs, local artists or others,” he said.

Mohd Asrin Hj Bakar, a UBD final year arts student, told The Brunei Times that not many locals are interested in a long-term career based around creative arts.

“Brunei is lacking in creative students. Being involved in the creative industry (being an artist) can help represent the country by showcasing the creative talents internationally,” he said.

“I want to work in an art company, or maybe start my own. I plan to start by showing my work on social media,” he said.

Muhamad Norhadi Ibrahim, another exhibitor, is also looking at utilising social media to promote his work.

“I plan to make a comic out of my art. This is what I want to do for my career but I am taking it a step at a time,” he said.

“I want my art to attract the youth. (I want them to) look at my comics in the future and become inspired to be part of the creative industry,” he said.

Hafiz Hasli, meanwhile, plans to walk on a different path by becoming a fashion designer.

“I really want to become a fashion designer because it is my passion. I have done my research and have gained experience in Malaysia by working in the professional fashion industry,” he said.

Hafiz worked at a fashion company in Malaysia during his Universiti Brunei Darussalam Discovery Year programme.

Fellow art student Fizah Awang hopes to become an educator under the Ministry of Education to promote art as a viable career option.

“Art is not developing in Brunei, therefore the young children have limited knowledge on art. I hope to become an art teacher to teach the importance of art to children, to expose them to the beauty of creative art,” she said.

The Spectacle 2015 exhibition aims to provide opportunities for the 54 Bachelor of Art graduates to positively contribute to the wider community and make a difference.

The exhibition will be open for the public from April 8 until May 16.

The Brunei Times