RBAF’s Training Institute celebrates 46th anniversary

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THE Training Institute of the Royal Brunei Armed Forces (TI RBAF) held a special parade to mark its 46th year of its establishment yesterday.

Themed “Melahirkan Generasi ABDB Berwawasan” (RBAF Generation with a Vision), the celebration was held at the Penanjong Garrison Parade Square and was attended by by the Commandant of TI RBAF Lieutenant Colonel Hasmee bin Hj Abd Wahab.

The event began with the presentation of awards to members of TI RBAF. It was then followed by a mass recital of Surah Yassin, Tahlil and thanksgiving prayers performed by the members of TI RBAF in the Penanjong Garrison Surau.

A press statement from TI RBAF said that the institute has shown several evolutionary developments in terms of implementation, training operation and system administration, and that it remain committed to educate the military personnel to achieve RBAF’s aspiration.

“TI RBAF continues to widen the scope of a more dynamic and holistic approach of learning as to prepare the capabilities of RBAF personnel to effectively respond to potential threats and possibilities,” it added.

The Brunei Times