Man fined $3,250 for consuming syabu

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A MAN was imposed a $3,250 fine yesterday after he pleaded guilty to three counts of drug related offences.

During the proceedings yesterday, the defendant Mustafa Hj Dullah/Abdullah, 49, admitted to consuming a Class A drug, methamphetamine, as well as possession of 0.1042 grams of methamphetamine and possession of drug paraphernalia on June 7, 2012.

The court document states that Mustafa was arrested on June 7, 2012 following a Narcotics Control Bureau raid at an address in STKRJ Rimba over suspicion of drug related activities. Mustafa was among the several men and women who were detained at the vicinity of the house.

Following investigations, Mustafa admitted to owning a plastic packet containing crystalline substance and glass tube with traces of dried white patches that was found at the back of the canvas outside the house.

Analysis conducted by the Department of Scientific Services concluded that the packet had contained 0.1042 grams of the Class A drug and the glass tube had also contained traces of methamphetamine.

Mustafa was further tested positive for consuming the drug when his urine sample result had contained methamphetamine.

In his statement, Mustafa admitted that he consumed syabu a day before his arrest. He also admitted to owning the drugs and its utensils and that he consumed the drug to make him think.

Following the sentencing yesterday, Magistrate Azrimah Abd Rahman has ordered Mustafa to settle the fines by July 7. A further mention of the case is scheduled to be heard on July 8 for results of the defendant’s re-urine.

Meanwhile, Mustafa has been released on a $3,250 court bail pending the next mention of the case.

The Brunei Times