‘Hangout’ to promote youth enterprises

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BUDDING youth entrepreneurs from Belait were given a chance to build their customer base at the first officially approved ‘Kuala Belait Hangout’ yesterday.

With the support of Kg Pandan C's Village Consultative Council and the Belait District Office, Pandan C's Youth Bureau was able to host over 20 vendors from 12pm to 6pm at the village's lagoon car park.

“The main purpose of have this event comes down to helping local enterprise. It is challenging to start up a business, and not easy to build a customer base without support,” said the event's organiser Mohd Amirrul Ismail.

The 28-year-old said that each vendor yesterday brought with them their existing customer base, giving a chance for other vendors to “secure more customers and increase their overall exposure”.

Booths selling food, clothing, toys and collectibles were a mix from Belait and Brunei-Muara, some of which were more established and had physical storefronts, while others in their infancy were based online.

“A lot of the more experienced vendors here were talking shop with other vendors, giving them experience on how to get business licenses, start up capital and rental,” said Amirrul, who also owns a skate shop in Kuala Belait.

Smaller ‘hangouts’ previously organised in Brunei-Muara and Belait spurred the organising of the Kuala Belait Hangout, he added, which took two months to plan.

“There have been smaller gatherings previously which were successful, so when my friends asked me if there could be a ‘hangout’ in Kuala Belait I said okay, but we must do it the right way and get official approval,” said Amirrul.

He also than thanked the Village Head of Kg Pandan C Hj Affandy Hj Damit, who visited the hangout yesterday, claiming approval would not have been possible without his assistance.

Participants yesterday included Smell the Street skate shop, Oblimag clothing, Red Rooster Cafe, Toyz Hobby Online Store and shoe shop SNKR.TRLR.BN.

A skating competition was also held alongside booths, in two categories of ‘Best Line’ and ‘Best Trick’.

The Brunei Times