Fishermen cautious over red tide

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LOCAL fishermen have taken precautionary measures against any adverse effects of the red tide especially when it involves their favourite pastime.

The Fisheries Department explains that the red tide phenomena happens when colonies of algae grow out of control, producing toxic effects on fish, and other marine life.

The description was given following an alert issued regarding the phenomenon appearing near Champion oil rig last week.

Hj Brahim Hj Jumaat, a fishing enthusiast, told The Brunei Times that he does not feel that much affected by the situation seeing that his hobby mostly involves the catch and release system.

“I heard the news on the radio and yes I did have my concerns but not enough to stop me from fishing.”

Hj Brahim said that the news has however made him and his friends be more conscious of the areas that we fish at and stay away from affected locations.

 Hj Brahim highlighted that red tide is dangerous because it carries high levels of toxic poison which, for the newly initiated, could be easily overlooked.

“I am happy to hear on the radio about the public being advised and warned by the department of fisheries about this issue, I just hope people do listen to the radio,” he said. 

Muhd Azwan Hj Sulaiman and Muhd Khairul Azhan said the same thing about not being too concerned seeing that they know how to handle the situation.

“We head down to sea at least four times a month, but since we heard about the red tide from other fishermen, we have decided to be safe by fishing onshore,” Muhd Khairul Azhan said.

The Brunei Times