Over 70 KUPU SB students complete Dikir Syarafil Anam workshop

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WITH over 70 students who completed the Dikir Syarafil Anam workshop at the Seri Begawan Religious Teachers College University (KUPU SB), organisers vowed to sustain the programme in a bid keep the religious tradition alive, especially among the younger generation.

At yesterday’s closing ceremony and presentation of certificates for the workshop participants, the event chairperson, Aminah Hj Sawal, said that it is important to sustain such programme so that the religious tradition would continue to the next generation.

There were 18 students who were part of the workshop organising committee.

The number of students who completed the workshop have exceeded 70, which is beyond the KUPU SB’s target for students from Year One to Year Four.

For her part, Nur Mahirah Abdullah, the deputy chairperson, shared that the workshop is one of the mandatory programmes for KUPUSB freshmen and sophomore students who are taking IT courses, as part of their effort to engage students with the community while being observed by the student advisor or curriculum coordinator. For this project, the coordinator is Ustaz Shahrol Azmi Hj Mulok.

Apart from concentrating on academics, the students’ involvement in co-curricular activities, such as the Dikir Syarafil Anam workshop, also increase their awareness in performing their roles and responsibilities more diligently, such as in seeking the blessings of Allah SWT, Nur Mahirah said.

“By reciting Dikir Syarafil Anam too, it encourages students to recite selawat (the invocation to the Prophet Muhammad SAW) as a daily practice,” she added

The event secretary, Nor’ain Abdul Rahim, said that they have invited Imam Muslim Hj Abd Razak, Imam of Mohammed Bolkiah Mosque in Serusop, to be one of the workshop facilitators. The workshop delved on vocal projection, correct fasahah (pronunciation) as well as the melody of the dikir.

Dikir Syarafil Anam is usually recited during Maulud Nabi Muhammad SAW, traditional Bruneian weddings, moving to a new house and other family functions.

The Brunei Times