Man charged with possession of fake US dollars out on $10,000 bail

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A MAN who was charged with use and possession of counterfeit American currency was released yesterday on a $10,000 court bail pending the next mention of the case in two months.

The court document submitted by prosecuting officer Amiriah Hj Ali states that defendant Ali Rahman Hj Salat went to two money changers possessing fake US dollars.

The defendant is accused of using nine pieces of counterfeit USD$100 notes in the total amount of USD$900 when he presented it to Bumi Indah Money Changer on October 29, 2011.

The court document went on to state that on the same day, the defendant went to Ben Kassim Money Changer.

There he presented 70 pieces of counterfeit USD$100 notes totaling to USD$7,000 to the money changer.

Ali Rahman is also accused of possession of 109 pieces of USD$100 notes amounting to $10,900 which was believed to have been intended to be used as genuine.

During the proceedings yesterday, the defendant has yet to enter his plea for all the charges against him.

The penalty for using counterfeit notes carries 15 years in jail and with a fine .

Meanwhile, the penalty for possession of the counterfeit notes carries 10 years with fine.

Presiding Magistrate Hjh Ervy Sufitriana Hj Abd Rahman has scheduled for a further mention of the case on June 4.

Meanwhile, among the condition for the defendant’s release include not committing other offences while out on bail and to report to the police fortnightly.

The Brunei Times