ITB holds motivational lecture for students to realise dreams

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MORE than 70 Institut Teknologi Brunei (ITB) students attended yesterday a motivational talk titled “Success and Failure” at the school’s Lecture Theatre 2.

The event was hosted by the ITB student council and was aimed to give the students tips and motivation to achieve their desired goals in life through vigorous planning.

Pg Kamal Ghadafi Pg Hj Suhaimi, the head of the youth entrepreneurship programme and international relations sub unit, presented the talk.

The talk emphasised on the importance of planning ahead to achieve success in life, and outlined how students can perform better in the field they wish to pursue in.

It also prompted the students to ask themselves what is in store for them after completing their courses in ITB.

During the talk, students were given tips on how to be more disciplined, be motivated in studying and how to manage their time properly.

Pg Kamal stressed that in order for the students to succeed, they must have a positive state of mind inorder to bring their dreams, goals and plans come to reality.

“Don’t hold on to negative people who drags you down with their negativity. Surround yourself with people you wish to be like,” he said.

He urged the participants to listen to the late Michael Jackson’s song “Man in the Mirror”.

The students responded with a laughter, indicating they understood his message and they can relate to the song.

In a brief interview with The Brunei Times, Pg Kamal Ghadafi said that students are “easily discouraged and don’t strive enough to achieve their goals.

“Perhaps it’s the mindset that causes some of the millennial generation [or those born in the 1980s onwards] to act this way but I hope my talk today can help make them realise that it isn’t too late to take control and pursue their dreams,” he said.

The talk concluded with a short question and answer session.

The Brunei Times