Badas fires to be put out in 4 days,says Sg Liang chief

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FOREST fires at the Badas pipeline will be put out within the next four days according to the Sg Liang Station Fire and Rescue Commander, as the blaze affecting Belait are increasingly brought under control.

Station Commander Muhamad Ali Hassan said there would be “no problem” in extinguishing fires in the vicinity of the Badas pipeline over the next few days, as water from nearby canals could be easily transferred into the makeshift water dams used by firefighters to douse flames.

“Twelve out of the 14 acres in the vicinity of the Badas pipeline are still affected by forest fires, but since water is easily available the fires can be completely put out within the next four days, despite the land comprising mostly of peat,” he said.

Water sources have been scarce in most affected areas, with firefighters in Belait mostly relying on water tankers from the Department of Environment, Parks and Recreation and the Public Works Department to supply water to makeshift dams, which can hold up to 11,250 litres.

The Director of Fire and Rescue Yahya Hj Abdul Rahman also made a visit yesterday to the Badas pipeline area, to see up close the operations of the Sg Liang station.

Pollutant Standards Index or PSI readings around the country have also improved as of yesterday.

The newest readings listed Belait's PSI at 44, the highest among the four districts. A reading below 50 is good while between 50 and 100 is moderate.

Temburong registered the lowest PSI reading at 14 while Brunei-Muara and Tutong read 24 and 22, respectively.

Fires along the the Seria-Lumut bypass were extinguished at the beginning of this week.

Earlier reports last month, blamed the long stretch of dry weather, lack of irrigation and vast amounts of peat lands as reasons behind worsening forest fires in Belait.

The Seria-Mumong bypass were ordered closed when the forest fires were spreading in Belait late last month to allow firefighters to operate unhindered.

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