89 to undergo Officer Cadet School training

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A TOTAL of 89 candidates will compete for the 30 available spots to become Royal Brunei Armed Forces (RBAF) officers.

RBAF is considered a major government employer which recruits the best university graduates in the Sultanate every year.

The selected 89 candidates will attend the 14th training camp at the Officer Cadet School (OCS), Defense Academy, RBAF.

The selected candidates previously underwent the Armed Forces Commissioning Board Selection (AFCB) process at Penanjong Kem in Tutong and then will then take part in the one-year commissioning course on May 4, according to the press statement released by the RBAF yesterday.

Throughout the year-long training at OCS, the candidates will go through basic military and leadership programmes, military academics, physical fitness and trainings to become officers, in which “they have to meet the strict assessment standard in every aspect to graduate as Lieutenants into the Royal Brunei Land Force, Royal Brunei Navy and Royal Brunei Air Force”.

The career as an RBAF officer offers prospective entrants a varied and challenging lifestyle with a unique combination of professional and personal development. Furthermore, it will also give the opportunity to embrace a unique lifestyle where they serve their country like no other employers can offer.

The Commandant of the Defence Academy, RBAF, Colonel Abdul Hadi Hj Sain, stressed in his closing address during yesterday’s selection process, about the importance of hard work and team spirit for the new entrants to take part in the training at OCS. “This is only the beginning, the next challenge commences when you start training at OCS. You are at the start of a career that only gets tougher and more challenging. Do not give up, but do not forget to enjoy your training,” he said in his closing address.

Azya’an Nafahat Hj Zaini, a candidate who graduated from Murdoch University in Perth, Western Australia said that she hopes to join RBAF because it is an honourable career.

She stressed that she had difficulties when going through the AFCB because it made her step out of her comfort zone.

For Muhd Hanif Hj Morsidi, another selected candidate, he was motivated to follow his father’s footsteps – who served in the Boy’s Wing before he became a lecturer.

“The military is a noble profession that would give me a combination of physical and personal development,” he said.

The Brunei Times