Rehab needs public support to succeed

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THE Deputy Minister of Home Affairs yesterday urged members of the public to give their support and cooperation in making rehabilitation programmes carried out by the Prisons Department a success.

Pehin Datu Lailaraja Major General (Rtd) Dato Paduka Seri Hj Awg Halbi Hj Mohd Yussof was speaking during the department’s 61st anniversary parade at the Maraburong Prison in Tutong.

He said involvement and participation from all levels of the society including the private sectors, non-government organisations and family members of inmates is significant in making rehabilitation a success.

“The Prisons Department in the recent years had shown a variety of developments and achievements through a number of innovative initiatives,” he said.

“In its recent effort, the department had carried out a pre-release programme and an “aftercare” for ex-inmates as a support and an extension from “in-care” rehabilitation. And this will, InsyaAllah, help them move towards a more successful identity and future, especially in entrepreneurship,” he added.

Pehin Dato Hj Awg Halbi also said that such programmes, which include collaborations with other government and private agencies, should be enhanced and further extended. He also noted that through the programme, products made by the inmates had collected an income of more than $34,000 through expos and reservations last year.

“These products turned out to be high in quality and had always been in demand and well received by the community, especially when sold in local expos,” he said.

“I was also made to understand that a number of ex-inmates had also successfully established their own businesses.

“With strong involvements, support and cooperation from all layers of the society, InsyaAllah rehabilitation programmes carried out by the Prisons Department for inmates can be successful and be maintained,” he added.

The Prisons Department was established on March 1, 1954 after being separated from the Royal Brunei Police Force (RBPF) and at the time, was administered by British Assistant Resident. Among its main tasks are to carry out rehabilitation programmes that focuses on moral spirituality and principles of life through religious education and skill courses that are being updated from time to time.

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