New homeowners grateful to HM

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PROUD new homeowners in Temburong yesterday thanked His Majesty Sultan Haji Hassanal Bolkiah Mu’izzaddin Waddaulah, the Sultan and Yang Di-Pertuan of Brunei Darussalam, for making their dreams of owning a house come true.

In interviews with The Brunei Times, the 214 who received house keys to the Rataie National Housing Scheme and land grants yesterday were universal in their praise to His Majesty’s government for enabling them to own and build houses at an affordable cost, despite the long waiting process.

Ramlah Karim, who applied for housing in 1994 and moved into her “deluxe” detached house at Rataie last year, said she was “tremendously satisfied and grateful” to finally be able to own a house.

“I have been working as a clerk for 28 years with the Temburong District Office, which previously provided my family of three with a room in a flat,” she said.

Another recipient who applied in 1994 was Dk Mashadilina Pg Momin.

“Before this, me and my family of four were staying at the government barrack housing for over a decade,” she said at her new terrace house, which was the first to be visited by His Majesty during his tour of the Rataie National Housing Scheme.

Dk Mashadilina said she was nervous when she found out her house was the few selected to be visited by the monarch, but was thrilled at the same time for being offered the once in a lifetime opportunity.

She added that the environment at Rataie is very close-knit and conducive to building a strong community.

“We are close like families here. Some of my neighbours are the same neighbours that we had when we stayed at the government barrack as well,” she said.

Another terrace house recipient, Awang Malik, expressed relief at being finally able to afford a permanent home, although its three-bedroom capacity has proved quite tight for his family of 10.

“Me and my family moved into the house two years ago, and Alhamdullilah everything has gone well so far, although it is quite tight with 10 people and three rooms,” he said.

“I’m paying $130 a month for 29 years – it’s a very affordable and convenient price for my family.”

A land grant recipient, Ampuan Noriah Ampuan Mattahir, who relocated from Kg Ujung Jalan in 2006 said the allocated plot had allowed her to build a house big enough to fit her two parents and seven siblings.

“We were previously staying with our grandmother, so I am very pleased to have been able to build a house that could fit my entire family,” said Ampuan Noriah, who teaches at Sekolah Persediaan Arab Temburong.

“It is a blessing, and we (my family) could not be happier.”

All terrace houses under the Rataie National Housing Scheme are 122 square metres, while the detached houses were separated into three categories of basic, standard and deluxe measuring 106, 131 and 163 square metres respectively.

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