More restos adopt healthy eating

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SEVEN restaurants have joined the Ministry of Health’s Healthy Restaurant Programme following the inclusion of The Energy Kitchen yesterday.

Siti Munawwarah Awg Tarif, a health education officer at Health Promotion Centre, said more restaurants have expressed their interest in joining the programme since it started last February.

In an interview, she said some franchises were keen to participate in the programme.

“There are also some Japanese restaurants that want to join the programme. We are still processing applications before we can actually consider them as a healthy restaurant,” she said.

Siti Munawwarah said there are several criteria that restaurants need to meet before they are labelled a healthy restaurant.

“Generally, in order to certify them (eateries), 25 per cent of their total food menu must be healthy such as high fibre food,” she said.

The increase in the number of restaurants aspiring to join the programme shows the rise in awareness of restaurant owners when it comes to healthier food choices, the health education officer added.

Restaurants and eateries under the programme are monitored once a year to check their progress and consistency in providing healthy meals to customers.

A press statement said participating restaurants will be able to gain knowledge on healthy ingredients and will be advised on various ways of preparing and serving healthier food.

Participating restaurants are recommended to provide healthier choice menu in moderate portions and to cater to requests for less sugar, less salt and less fat/oil.

It added that food or drinks that are considered healthy would be labelled with a 'Pilihan Bijak' or 'Healthier Choice' symbol on the menu.

A ceremony was held yesterday to mark The Energy Kitchen’s inclusion as a healthy restaurant under the programme.

Owner of The Energy Kitchen Wu Chun said the restaurant aims to educate Bruneians on healthy eating and demonstrate how easy it is to make small changes for a big difference.

“We want Brunei to join the Eat Smart Revolution,” he said.

The Energy Kitchen recently collaborated with primary and secondary schools to share and promote healthy eating to children and teenagers.

Other participating restaurants in the programme are Saffron Cafe, Nurwanita Restaurant and Catering, Mr Baker's Bakeshop and Cafeteria, Dynasty Restaurant, Chill-V Kopitiam and Aneka Rasa Restaurant and Catering.

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