Get driving licence done online in a day

National 2 minutes, 30 seconds


ONLINE applications for vehicle and driving licences can be done and processed in one day, requiring only one visit to the Land Transport Department’s Headquarters (JPD) in Beribi.

The Director of JPD Dr Hj Supry Hj Ladi yesterday addressed concerns from members of the public who believed they had to repeatedly visit JPD in person if they applied online; first to activate their e-Darussalam account, second to make cash payment after applying online, and third to later collect their licence in person.

Dr Supry clarified that through the online counter at JPD’s Headquarters at Jalan Beribi, the public could activate their e-Darussalam account, apply online on computers provided by JPD, make payment and collect their licences all on the same day.

“If you currently do not have an e-Darussalam account, then you need to register first at, and then bring your identity card to JPD where it can be activated,” he said.

After e-Darussalam activation, the user can immediately apply for the licence online at the nine computers provided by the JPD branch.

“Once JPD has received the application, the applicant can make payment straight after in person, and the licence will be issued then and there on the same day,” he said.

Dr Supry also said that the online payment option for licence renewal is currently undergoing upgrade, and will be ready by this August.

“For the time being, the public will have to make cash payment in person, but with the online counter provided at the JPD HQ it is a very time-saving and smooth process,” he said.

For the JPD branch districts in Belait, Tutong and Temburong, online counters are already being installed.

“In Belait and Temburong we have already installed the computers and are only awaiting a connection and other small details before being operational,” he said.

“By June, the online counters will be operation in Belait, Tutong, Temburong and even Sg Akar.”

Chief Operations Officer at the E-Government National Centre (EGNC) Saniah Hj Sani also said that the activation of one’s e-Darussalam account – a one-off procedure allowing access to all e-services – can take place at any government department or ministry which have activation counters, and not just JPD.

“Currently there are activation counters at the Department of Electrical Services (DES), Ministry of Primary Industry and Resources and the Public Service Commission (SPA),” she said.

The EGNC is also looking at the possibility of setting up activation counters at more places frequented by the public, such as shopping malls.

“Currently there are over 20,000 people who have registered on e-Darussalam, and we are looking at more ways to increase penetration,” she said.

About 1,400 people have activated their e-Darussalam account through JPD’s counters.

JPD reported a surge of renewals beginning last week, resulting in long queues. The temporary suspension of renewal services at 17 post offices for upgrades was mooted as a possible reason.

In response, JPD has been advocating for the public to opt for online renewal.

The Brunei Times