Two qari, qariah to take part in Al-Quran reading recitation in Bangkok

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TWO qari and a qariah from Brunei have been invited to recite Al-Quran at an event to commemorate Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) in Bangkok, Thailand.

The three-day event which starts today is held at the National Islamic Affairs Centre Chalerm Phrakiat, Bangkok.

The representatives Mohd Zul-Hafiz Tengah and Siti Noor Dzuhairah Hj Damit left the country yesterday accompanied by officers of the Ministry of Religious Affairs, Hj Ahmaddin Hj Untong and Murni Hj Ismail.

In a brief interview, Mohd Zul-Hafiz Tengah said this would be his second time to participate in the annual event held in Thailand and was grateful for being chosen. However, the religious officer at Hassanal Bolkiah Arabic Secondary School was no stranger to Al-Quran competitions as he had previously represented the country in Malaysia in 2011 and was also one of the finalists at Adult National Al-Quran Reading Competition 2014.

Meanwhile, it will be the first time for Siti Noor Dzuhairah Hj Damit to participate in the annual Al-Quran recitation.

The religious teacher said even though the event was only a performance and not a competition, it was as important since it provides the opportunity to train oneself and refine one’s reading skills.

Her preparation for the event involved personal training althoughnot as intensive as she wanted to as she had to juggle between the training and her commitment as a teacher at Delima religious school.

Siti Noor Dzuhairah also previously participated in the National Al-Quran Reading Competition for Adults 2014 last year.

Present to send the delegation off was Hj Idris Hj Aji, the head of the Islamic Eminence Development Section.

The head of the Islamic Eminence Development Section told The Brunei Times that the event was an annual activity organised by the government of Thailand but Brunei did not get to participate last year due to the political situation in the host country.

The Brunei Times