Night classes offer hope for a better future

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AT the ripe old age of 30, a Belait man's decision yesterday to sign up for night classes to prepare him for O Level examinations this year may raise a few eyebrows.

But for Muhd Jefni Hj Jumat, this was the perfect time for him to do what he has always been interested in.

“Despite my age, my desire to learn remains... I have a direction now and hope to continue my studies at university level.

“My first choice, if possible, would be to enter KUPU SB as I have an interest in becoming a religious teacher,” said Muhd Jefni, who has a decade of work experience in the private sector to his advantage.

The fifth of eight siblings, Muhd Jefni told The Brunei Times that he had only completed formal education up to Year Six, obtaining a Primary Certificate of Examination (PCE, known today as the Primary School Assessment examinations or PSR).

Encouraged by friends and former teachers, he returned yesterday to Ahmad Tajuddin Primary School in Kuala Belait to sign up for night classes which will be held at the same location beginning March until November.

“Other than the support from my ex-teachers, especially Jailani Said and Adam Hakimi... I was also inspired by the children of my elder brother and sister, who are now in university and are successful. I want to be like them.”

“There is no age limit for registration... we even had someone above 40 years old register. The majority of registrants are working adults and school-leavers,” said Pg Mohd Zainulariffin Pg Md Hassan, Continuing Education Assistant Organiser at the Community Education Section, Brunei Institute of Technical Education, Ministry of Education.

He spoke to the media after an all-day ‘Out-of-District Registration’ session for Belait for GCE O Level and A Level night classes.

It was the second intake, following the first intake last November, and saw about 40 new registrations.

“The second intake is focused on members of the public and students who have already completed their education but would like to improve their academic qualifications to help them look for employment... the numbers signing up are increasing each year as many are more aware of the importance of education for their future and careers.”

According to Pg Mohd Zainulariffin, each intake sees about 20 to 30 per cent of students who re-sit the O or A Level examinations, of which the majority successfully pass.

The night classes in Belait take place every evening from Monday to Thursday, and on Saturday, from 7pm to 10pm according to assigned subject slots.

Three time slots in the morning, afternoon and evening are available on Friday and Sunday.

Students are required to pay $17 for each O Level subject and $33 for each A Level subject, as well as a $3 fee for a student pass.

The registrations continue in Tutong at Muda Hashim Secondary School tomorrow and in Temburong at Sultan Hassan Primary School this Saturday.

The Brunei Times