Land Transport Dep’t advises motorists to renew licence online

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THE Land Transport Department (LTD) urged motorists to use the e-Darussalam portal to apply for driving and vehicle licences (road tax), after over 600 people seeking to renew their licences formed long queues at its Beribi headquarters on Monday.

Frustrated members of the public took to social media with posts on the long wait.

LTD Deputy Director Pg Mohd Amirrizal Pg Hj Mahmud said the long queues were possibly due to the suspension of renewal services at 17 post offices across the country since December last year.

“The 17 post offices are currently undergoing systems integration to include the online Land Transport System (SPD), leaving nine post offices currently offering renewal services,” he said at a press conference yesterday to address public complaints.

Postmaster-general Hj Mohd Manan said the post offices at Bandar Seri Begawan, Sengkurong, Menglait, Seri Kompleks Batu Satu, Muara, Tutong, Seria, Kuala Belait and the Mail Processing Centre on Old Airport Road are currently open for vehicle and licence renewal.

“The systems integration at the other 17 post offices are scheduled for completion by this August,” he said.

To register online, the public need to register with e-Darussalam by visiting and clicking on the Pendaftaran icon, which will ready a form to be filled with personal details.

Users then need to bring their identity card to the online counter at LTD’s headquarters to activate their account, which will trigger a password to be sent to the user’s email.

With the password, users need to click on the e-Perkihdmatan link on, which will display a new page with a list of services.

To renew licence or vehicle licence (road tax), the Pengangkutan option needs to be selected, which will open a new window where the user will have to key in their ID number and password.

The deputy director said that since online payment is currently not available, the public need to visit the online LTD counter in person to make payment.

“Applications that are not paid within two weeks will be cancelled. The licences themselves, which take three working days, can be collected in person (at the respective LTD branches in the four districts) or by mail,” he said.

As JPD has a quota of licence renewals per day, anyone coming after the quota has been met will be given a “pay first, collect later” option.

The department is also working to open online counters at all its branches by the end of the year, the deputy director added.

The Brunei Times