Driver slapped with $300 fine for littering at roadside

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A DRIVER was fined $300 for dumping rubbish indiscriminately from his four-wheel drive last Saturday in Belait.

The Enforcement Division of the Belait District Office issued the compound fine under Chapter 12 of the Minor Offences Act, Section 30, for the storage or dumping of items in a public area without a valid permit.

A fine of $1,000 will be levied for a second offence. A third offence will result in a fine of $3,000 and a prison term not exceeding three months.

The district office's Enforcement Division has issued countless reminders to owners of public and commercial premises to care for and maintain the surrounding areas, and dumping rubbish only in allocated areas to avoid pollution.

The Enforcement Division will be conducting periodic patrols and monitoring the areas to prevent repeat occurrences, including allocated dumping areas at business premises and public spaces across the district to stem illegal dumping activities.

The Brunei Times