UK still Brunei’s preferred option

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THE United Kingdom remains the preferred option for Bruneians seeking higher education overseas thanks to global employability and its strong, diverse range of courses.

Over 2,000 Bruneians are currently studying in the UK, according to the latest figures revealed by the British Deputy High Commissioner Ben Boddy at the sidelines of the British Council’s Education UK Exhibition held yesterday at The Empire Hotel & Country Club.

“The ties between Brunei and the UK in higher education continue to be strong, as both countries continue to advance,” said the deputy high commissioner.

“According to a recent survey done by the QS World University Rankings, UK degrees have among the highest employability (demanded) in the world,” he said.

Boddy highlighted that 230,000 courses in total were on offer this year from all UK universities combined, with 18 per cent of the student population comprising of international students.

“The contribution of international students, especially in this day and age, greatly helps UK universities diversify and become more culturally aware,” he said.

For its population size, Brunei’s participation at UK universities is especially strong, added British Council’s Director of Education and Society in Malaysia Clare Walker.

“Malaysia has 15,000 students for a population of over 20 million, so Brunei’s 2,000 (with a population of over 400,000) definitely stands out,” she said.

Another attraction for locals looking to study in the UK are the various Brunei societies who often host events to recognise national and religious celebrations.

“There is a strong culture among Bruneians to take care of each other, which helps new students adjust to the change in setting,” she said.

Over 1,200 attended yesterday’s exhibition, which ran from 2pm to 7pm. The expo is the country’s biggest international education exhibition with 38 participating institutions.

The Brunei Times