OGDC exhibit portrays rescue services

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THE Oil and Gas Discovery Centre's (OGDC) latest public exhibition launched yesterday in Seria, with the showpiece “Rescue” publicising the very latest in search and rescue technology and tactics.

Speaking to the media, OGDC's Head of Exhibition and Education Stephanie Sekhon emphasised the “very human” nature of the exhibition, hence its focus on the personal aspect of rescuing people as well as revealing the technology and equipment that supports the process.

“It's about different types of rescue: land rescue, sea rescue... when visitors come here, they get to experience what it's like to be a rescuer or being somebody who needs to be rescued. They can do all of that here at OGDC without having the risk,” said Sekhon.

She explained that Scitech Australia (Australia's national science museum) helped produce most of the displays with the help of the Western Australian Police Search and Rescue Team as well as with the Bruneian government: “Most of the technology here is used in Australia... there is a kiosk here that you can access and it updates every hour every rescue operation that goes on in Australia.”

Sekhon added that while Brunei may not own most of the latest technology in rescue services, it was more a reflection of situational demand in terms of the frequency and severity of emergencies faced locally.

“I would say that Australia is way ahead (in rescue technology) because they have a situation where they have (constant) wildfires and floods which really affects the community... the intensity in Brunei does not compare to Australia.”

Nevertheless, rescuers in Brunei are no less trained to respond quickly and effectively to the possibility of danger, as demonstrated by Ak Abd Azim Pg Yusof, OGDC Science Communicator, in a live rescue roleplay at the launch, where he and two other colleagues acted out the rescue and resuscitation of an unconscious worker (due to gas intoxication) in a tunnel.

“The situation is very unlikely (in Brunei) but it is possible. Sometimes, people can be in a drowning situation at sea and we have to know how to do cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR),” said Ak Abd Azim.

Present to launch the exhibition was Deputy Permanent Secretary at the Ministry of Home Affairs (MoHA) Hj Idris Hj Ali.

Government departments involved locally in search and rescue, such as the Fire and Rescue Department and the Royal Brunei Land Forces (RBLF), also contributed material for the exhibition, with senior officials attending the launch.

The Brunei Times