Year 9 Institut Tahfiz student memorises Al-Quran

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HASAN Nasrullah Aiman Md Azami was the star attraction at the Institut Tahfiz Al Quran Sultan Haji Hassanal Bolkiah (ITSHHB) thanksgiving ceremony yesterday.

Hasan Nasrullah, who is a Year 9 student at ITSHHB has memorised all 30 Juzuk of Al-Quran in just a little over two years. The event saw more than 50 students recite various surahs, marking their success in memorising Al-Quran.

“The hafizs (a person who has memorised the entire Al-Quran) honoured yesterday came from different levels of education. Some are still studying at the secondary level with Hasan Nasrullah, the youngest participant, who has completed memorising Al-Quran in just two years, one month and five days,” said acting principal of the institute, Md Fikri Hj Sharbini.

“This is one of the greatest achievements that we should not take for granted, he said and encouraged other students to work hard towards achieving their dreams of becoming hafizs.

Md Fikri Hj Sharbini urged the students to take yesterday’s event as a source of motivation to complete their course at ITSHHB.

“I hope the ITSHHB students will use this event as a source of motivation,” he said.

The Brunei Times