Sengkurong Sixth Form Centre’s students impress

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THE first batch of students at the Sengkurong Sixth Form Centre has impressed following the completion of their first academic progress report for the year.

The school which began operations in January 2014 held its first parents-teacher meeting for its upper six students yesterday.

The school’s deputy principal for academics, Tutty Hyrneeita Hj Abd Latip, said overall performance of the students based on their results were good.

“The percentage of students scoring tariff points above 120 is 84.4 per cent while those with points below 120 are only 15.6 per cent,” she said, adding the total number of students sitting for the assessment was 409.

The deputy principal explained that in the past, internal school tests and assessments were set to only evaluate students’ knowledge but not on exam preparations.

“I (prefer to) look at the students’ performance. One way is to use the ‘traffic light board’ where students’ tariff points will be categorised in the risk zone, vulnerable zone and safe zone,” said Tutty.

Tariff points from 0 to 120 will place students in the risk or red zone, 121 to 240 points categorises students as vulnerable or in the yellow zone and the safe or green zone correlates to points from 241 to 360 and above.

“Points are another way to ensure how valuable the grades are and they will get to calculate how many points they get. So if they are in the red zone, that means their chances of getting into a university is very low. Students need to push up their points,” she said.

She went on to say that there are three internal assessments done by the school apart from the external – AS and A2-level in May and October – examinations.

The sixth form centre currently offers 28 subjects and hopes to receive more lower sixth applications in 2015.

“At present, we received less than 200 applications to the centre and have yet to receive more today,” she said, adding that the school is eyeing some 400 admissions this year.

The Brunei Times.