Critical operations to resolve SK-2 well leak underway

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BRUNEI Shell Petroleum Company Sendirian Berhad (BSP) continues to work on resolving the Selangkir-2 (SK-2) well situation.

The SKD Pelaut, a tender barge with 126 personnel on board, will arrive at the Selangkir platform today to begin critical operational activities.

The Selangkir platform is where a small gas leak was detected and reported on Febuary 5.

Mobilisation of SKD Pelaut would provide a “stable platform and facilities to support the work plan.”

If all goes accordingly, BSP would have the situation resolved in two to three weeks, said Managing Director of Brunei Shell Petroleum (BSP) Ken Marnoch.

“However, we are also preparing for all eventualities including the need to drill a relief well which would then take two to three months to complete,” he said.

“This activity (critical operational activities) is very critical in our attempt to resolve the current Selangkir-2 (SK-2) well situation,” he added.

The Managing Director said the operation would be “technically challenging” with significant safety risks, as BSP deploys the right technical expertise and experience to the platform, which is situated 40km off the coast of Muara.

The “one nautical mile control zone” continues to be in place as part of control precautions to make sure of safe operations around the platform.

All safety equipment, fire and gas detection and emergency shutdown systems are functioning on Selangkir, which can be shutdown remotely or automatically.

All wells on the platform are closed, with the SK-1 well closing at 8am today.

BSP will also be hosting a mass prayer for the safe and smooth execution of work at BSP’s Surau and on the SKD Pelaut.

The Brunei Times