Gas leak detected at SK-2

National 1 minute, 13 seconds


BRUNEI Shell Petroleum (BSP) yesterday confirmed that a gas leak was detected at one of its offshore wells situated 40km off the coast of Muara last Thursday afternoon.

The gas release on Selangkir 2 (SK-2) – located on a typically unmanned platform – was too small to be identified by the platform’s system, and was detected by a portable gas detector worn by a BSP employee on the platform.

The leak was immediately reported and SK-2 was shut down, according to a BSP press statement issued yesterday.

News of the gas leak was circulated on social media yesterday.

BSP said any significant gas release on the platform will trigger an automatic shutdown. The platform can also be shut down remotely.

“On the Selangkir platform, all safety equipment, fire and gas detection and emergency shutdown systems are functioning and we are keeping the platform running to maintain that functionality,” BSP said.

A strategy of “prudent over-reaction” is being utilised to minimise the risk of escalation and to be fully prepared to deal with the situation.

BSP incident reponse teams have been activated, and specialist expertise and resources from Regional and Global Shell have been mobilised, it added.

Since the platform is normally unmanned, BSP said it would take time, particularly with the current weather conditions, “to mobilise the appropriate facilities and equipment”.

“We are using this time to fully prepare and to ensure all details are covered in our work programmes,” BSP said.

The Brunei Times