Bruneians keen on furthering studies in Malaysia

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THERE is an increasing demand amongst Belait youth to further their studies in Malaysia because of low cost, close proximity and cultural similarities, according to the organiser of the Education Malaysia Exposition held in the country over the past few days.

Belait hosted its first Malaysian education fair at Pusat Insani in Seria last Sunday, with Senior Partner at Rexpocentral Malaysia Ahmad Rezal Chan informing that numerous requests had been made by Belait residents for the fair to be held in the district.

“There are already 500 Bruneians in Malaysia, a good number of who are from Belait and we are hoping to see the number grow,” he said.

Aside from affordability, an increase in foreign brand universities based in Malaysia, many of who offer twinning programmes to the university’s country of origin.

“Swinburne University and Curtin University are two institutions from Australia that are located nearby in Sarawak, with many other Malaysian universities being officially affiliated with foreign universities.

“The education pathways offered in Malaysia are very mobile, and offer a great degree of flexibility,” he said.

The most popular courses are engineering, IT, medicine, but there is a growing interest from Bruneians in the field of history and sports science.

“The similarities in language, religion and culture definitely can make transition for students easier as well, and the transition from O-Levels and A-Levels is seamless as both qualifications are recognised by colleges and universities here,” he added.

Ahmad Rezal also encouraged Bruneians to apply for scholarships and bursaries to Malaysian universities, as many offered a range of financial assistance.

The Brunei Times