Call to cut red tape and improve public services

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THE acting deputy director of the Information Department has called for reforms to public services, singling out red tape and delays in processes as areas for improvement to reduce waiting times and increase public satisfaction.

Hjh Noorashidah Hj Aliomar said civil servants should multiply their efforts and commitment towards productivity and work excellence.

“As the pulse and heroes of the government, each member of the civil service needs to change their work culture to become more effective, efficient and to act quickly to provide the best service.”

The acting deputy director made the remarks during a flag hoisting programme in Belait yesterday.

She went on to say that pride and loyalty toward the nation should not merely be shown through the hoisting of the national flag but also demonstrated through action.

Hjh Noorashidah, who is also chairperson of the programme for Belait this year, also pointed to youth as the nation’s future, urging them to strengthen their patriotic spirit and shoulder more responsibilities in nation-building.

“They must sharpen their minds and be ready to forge steps together to see through our national vision because our hope lies with them and they have been entrusted with our future leadership.”

On the subject of the national flag, the chairperson said the true value of the flag could never be measured and that the national symbol of sovereignty should be appreciated.

“The value of a single national flag isn’t just the sum of its price in the stores, but should be seen through the lens of independence, which we have enjoyed for 31 years. That independence bears such a heavy price.”

More than 350 people attended the event at the Conference Hall in Kuala Belait, including senior government officials, representatives of the mukim and village consultative councils and businesses.

The morning programme saw national-themed presentations, including a poetry recital, patriotic songs by choirs and individuals, as well as a sketch by local artists. Penghulus and village heads were also presented with the national flag for display.

Present as guest of honour to launch the programme was Yahya Hj Idris, permanent secretary (Corporate Affairs and Public Administration) at the Prime Minister’s Office.

The Brunei Times