Kg Katok STKRJ appoints new chief

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Residents of the Landless Indigenous Citizens Housing Scheme (STKRJ) in Kg Katok A Zone 3 appointed a new village head yesterday after being without one for roughly eight years.

Hj Adanan Hj Bagol, 57, a former senior technical education instructor at Nahkoda Ragam Vocational School, told The Brunei Times that he would use his 31 years of teaching experience to improve the facilities around his village, which has more than 1,600 residents.

Hj Adanan, who received a Higher National Diploma (HND) in Building Studies from Briston University in 1982, is planning to introduce neighbourhood improvement services through the village consultative council, whose members he will appoint once his appointment as village head has been confirmed by the Ministry of Home Affairs.

A total of 119 residents attended a ceremony at Katok A Primary School yesterday to mark Hj Adanan’s appointment.

The village was previously under the jurisdiction of the village head of Kg Tungku, Hj Ismail Rejab, who is also the acting village head of STKRJ Kg Katok A.

Brunei-Muara Acting District Officer Mislee Hj Abd Karim announced that 97 per cent of the residents had chosen Hj Adanan as their new village head.

The newly elected village chief said he plans to seek assistance from the relevant authorities to install more speed humps around the village because of the increasing number of children playing in the neighbourhood.

He will be in charge of 1,611 residents. The areas are Simpang 355-21, Simpang 355-86 and Simpang 355-101.

According to the latest statistics, there were 1,182 adults aged above 18 and 429 children in STKRJ Kg Katok A.

Hj Adanan welcomes any interested individuals to be part of his newly appointed MPK, which he will choose over the coming weeks.

The Brunei Muara District Officer said that with the new village head in the STKRJ Kg Katok A, residents would hopefully provide suggestions to improve the community.

One resident, Mohammad Hj Md Ali, said it is a must for residents to interact with their village head so the neighbourhood would continue to be peaceful and safe.

“A safe neighbourhood is a harmonious country,” said Mohammad.

The Brunei Times