8 Australian students to train with SMARTER

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EIGHT Australian students from Flinders University will spend three weeks at SMARTER in September to gain practical experience for their Disability and Developmental Education Degree.

Head of Flinder’s Disability and Community Inclusion Unit, Associate Professor Caroline Ellison told The Brunei Times that SMARTER was a top choice in the region being one of the few autism centres with a life-long management strategy, transitioning individuals from early childhood into their adulthood.

“Most autism centres only deal with certain age groups like children in an age bracket, so when these children become teens and later adults they have to go elsewhere to seek help,” she said.

Lecturer Deb Smith, who was in the Sultanate with Ellison for a public forum hosted by SMARTER on Wednesday, said that SMARTER made the bold transition to helping those under their care as they grew older with little hesitance, although expertise was limited.

“When you look at their progress, from their first intake who are now heading towards their 20s, SMARTER has done a fantastic job of setting them up with employment opportunities and try to make their transition into the community as smooth as possible,” she said.

The students’ three week stint is plan of an Australian government initiative under the Colombo Plan, which allows Australian students to travel overseas to gain international experience.

The Brunei Times