Sungai Bera hawkers inspected for cleanliness

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THE Enforcement Division of the Belait District Office conducted an inspection on hawkers at the Kg Sungai Bera Hawker Centre in Mukim Seria yesterday.

The joint operation with the Kuala Belait Health Services Office was part of the District Office’s ongoing efforts to maintain the district’s standards on food safety and cleanliness.

In addition to routine inspections on the surrounding cleanliness of the food and drink stalls at the area, officers also checked to ensure that utensils used to prepare the food were clean, safe for use and hygienic.

This was part of the authorities’ efforts to ensure full compliance with the laws and regulations under the Miscellaneous Licence Act (Amendment) 2015 – that came into effect on January 1 – which aims to establish a customer-friendly environment conducive for business.

Officers also gave verbal cautions and advice to stall operators on the proper etiquette for serving food and maintaining cleanliness of their products to achieve clean and safe standards.

The inspection found several food vendors in negligence, with some forgetting to display original business licences and others failing to display their licences in a prominent area.

The officers verbally cautioned the vendors and reminded them to always carry their original licences while conducting business.

The Belait District Office in a statement said it would also continue to monitor and patrol commercial premises under its jurisdiction to prevent uncontrolled dumping of rubbish by individuals and companies.

The Brunei Times